For dogs that ain't got time to be blind.

The revolutionary new product to aid
blind dogs worldwide.
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About the Product

See 4 Me is an aide product designed for blind dogs. Designed for the founder's own dachshund (Hansel) who went blind seemingly overnight - and needed a little help adjusting. It will be important for your blind dog to work towards creating their own 'mental map', however this makes the learning curve a little easier. Follow us on social media to learn more tips on making the transition easier for your dog.

How it works

See 4 Me wins on simplicity and ease of use. The product has a detachable overarching arm which attaches to a special clip enabled harness. It can be taken on or off with a click. The detachable arm acts to bump into obstacles before the dog does and has been aerodynamically designed to guide obstacles up and over the arm.


  • Durable reinforced plastic arm.
  • Aerodynamically designed arm to guide obstacles up and over the dog.
  • Clip mechanism allowing owners the ability to put on and take off the product with ease.
  • Strong enough to stop a dog walking head on, with the impact of the bump being absorbed by the reinforced harness.
  • Adjustable harness, easy to clean and machine washable.